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Dr. Michael Brown Shares Keys to Radical…

Lake Mary, FL – In their first-ever, jointly authored book, Breaking the Stronghold of Food,...

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A Child is Born Without Eyes, and Parent…

Lacey Buchanan's 'Through the Eyes of Hope' Debuts January 10, Michael Conrad, 214-616-0320, Michael@Lovell-Fairchild.comLAKE...

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Jonathan Cahn's Explosive New Book Lays …

LAKE MARY, Fla. Jonathan Cahn, New York Times best-selling author of the international sensation The...

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Viral Spoken-Word Poet Known Worldwide P…

Lake Mary, FL — As a viral poet known worldwide for several videos totaling over...

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International House of Prayer, Kansas Ci…

Kansas City, MO — Thousands have already joined the fast-growing prayer movement with IHOPKC founder...

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SpiritLed Promise Books

Top Sellers

1 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
2 The Mystery of the Shemitah
– Jonathan Cahn
3 The Harbinger
– Jonathan Cahn
4 23 Minutes in Hell
– Bill Wiese
5 Prayers that Rout Demons and Break Curses
– Apostle John Eckhardt

New Releases

09/06/2016 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
01/03/2017 Through the Eyes of Hope
– Lacey Buchanan
01/03/2017 Evenings with the Holy Spirit
– Jennifer LeClaire
01/03/2017 Strength for the Battle
– Francis Frangipane
01/03/2017 Selah: Pause and Think on This
– Kimberly Daniels
01/03/2017 Releasing the Angels of Abundant Harvest
– Jennifer LeClaire
01/03/2017 The Book of Mysteries Prayer Journal
– Jonathan Cahn
01/03/2017 The Big Book of Bible Cures
– Don Colbert
01/03/2017 The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting
– Cherie Calbom
01/03/2017 Breaking the Stronghold of Food
– Michael and Nancy Brown

Modern English Version

Verse of the Day

Stress Less

Available as: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781591856115
Released: 05/24/05
List Price: $19.99
Page Count: 293

Do you want a stress-free life?

Americans are the most stressed people in the world—between 75 and 90 percent of all visits to primary-care physicians are due to stress-related disorders.

Best-selling author Dr. Don Colbert explains why this epidemic of stress is out of control, and he exposes stress as the culprit behind many debilitating and killer diseases. Until now there has not been a book that has offered "all the pieces of the puzzle"—now Stress Less addresses stress from a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual standpoint.

  • What leads to adrenal fatigue?
  • How does cortisol really affect your body?
  • Are your relationships stressful?
  • Do you rehash hurtful memories?
  • How can using relaxation and exercise help reduce your physical, mental, and emotional strain?
  • How can you experience the peace of God?
Using scientific evidence, anecdotal stories, biblical principles, and practical proven theories, Dr. Colbert, who "lived, walked through, and overcame extreme stress," will challenge and convince you to make lifelong changes. You can live in harmony and peace!

Handbook For Headache Relief

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591856368
Released: 04/15/05
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 224

Headache...BE GONE! 

Not all headaches are alike! What if you could find relief from headaches without taking medication again? Bob Phillips says you can start today by using these helpful steps to overcome the pain of migraine, tension and sinus headaches-and more.

Are you frustrated with missing out on those special moments in life and irritated with taking sick days to deal with headaches?

In this easy-to-understand guide to headache relief, you will discover:
  • Circumstances, stresses, and possible headache triggers
  • New facts about foods that should be avoided
  • Sixty-three of the most common headache causes
  • Forty-four drug-free treatments
  • Uncomplicated thirty-second techniques and exercises that you can perform on yourself or on others to alleviate headache pain
Headache Relief at your Fingertips separates the facts from the fiction concerning your suffering. Today is a new day, and your headache can be gone...forever!

The Maker's Diet

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9781591857143
Released: 03/31/05
List Price: $13.99
Page Count: 336

Are you looking for a health plan that is biblically based and scientifically proven? The Maker's Diet is just that. Using a truly holistic approach to health, this groundbreaking book leads you on a journey that will change your life. 

The Maker's Diet will help you:
  • Boost your immune system
  • Attain and maintain your ideal weight
  • Have abundant energy
  • Improve your physical appearance
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve digestion
Discover how Jordan Rubin's faith-based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of the world's healthiest people. By following The Maker's Diet, your health dreams can become a reality.

Fighting Cancer 20 Ways

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591856313
Released: 02/14/05
List Price: $13.99
Page Count: 232

Cancer is an enemy that must be fought. When you read this book, you will discover that you have more power than you think to defeat cancer. You and your loved ones are not powerless over cancer. Dr. Francisco Contreras has dedicated twenty-two years sharing this message with thousands of cancer patients, offers practical and empowering scientific information that will give you hope.

In Fighting Cancer 20 Different Ways, Contreras and Daniels Kennedy, who has more than a decade of experience counseling cancer patients, explain twenty specific things you can do to lower your risk of getting cancer or improve your change of surviving the disease.

When you're ready to take the battle to the enemy...
Here you will learn...
  • How to lower your cancer mortality risk by 60 percent just by adapting a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • When chemotherapy is effective-and when it isn't
  • What you eat can heal you
  • How conventional and alternative medicine can work together to fight cancer
  • How emotional and spiritual therapies can help your body heal

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Sin

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591856252
Released: 01/20/05
List Price: $13.99
Page Count: 208

Victory over the flesh is within your grasp!  You love the Lord-so why can't you gain lasting victory over that one recurring sin?  You've prayed for help and tried everybody's 10-point plan, but you find yourself back on your knees, asking God to forgive you for doing the thing you said you'd never do again. 

Are you going to live with this misery forever?  No! says Christian physician Clark Gerhart.  In this fascinating new perspective on our fallen human nature, Dr. Gerhart explains what lies behind strongholds and how sin uses the body's God-given systems to urge you to continue in these behaviors. He then shows how God's work of sanctification can lead you into victory and peace. No longer will you be a slave to the pressure that drives you to the old disobedience. No longer will the flesh keep you in wretched defeat. Once you are free of the sin that so easily entangles, you'll even be equipped to minister to those around you.

If you have ever longed to enjoy Christian freedom, this message will help you:
  • Understand the surprising link between stubborn sin and your body's processes
  • Discover the common root of every recurring sin and what to do about it
  • Identify repeated patterns of behavior in your life as signs of control by the flesh
  • Grasp how the flesh is behind current and biblical events
  • Learn the simple process that brings God's cleansing power

Day By Day Journal For Makers Diet

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591856207
Released: 01/04/05
List Price: $6.99
Page Count: 104

DOCUMENT YOUR PROGRESS TOWARD OPTIMUM HEALTH Designed to be small and portable and the perfect size to slip in your purse or pocket. The Maker's Diet Day-by-Day Journal will enable you to keep track of your meals and exercise as you:
  • Document your hygiene, meals, and snacks
  • Start each day with a helpful quote from The Maker's Diet
  • Are encouraged with Scripture and morning and evening prayers
  • Get motivated with a fitness section and exercise charts

Makers Diet Shopper's Guide

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591856214
Released: 12/29/04
List Price: $7.99
Page Count: 112

PRACTICAL STEPS FOR LIVING OUT YOUR TOTAL WELLNESS. You have started living a life of health according to The Maker's Diet, but you want more. In this companion resource to the New York Times bestseller, Jordan Rubin gives you the nuts-and-bolts knowledge you need to succeed on your 40-day health experience. This book will encourage you and your family to live out the three phases of your Bible-based health plan. THE DETAILED GUIDE WILL HELP YOU:
  • Develop meal plans for 40 days
  • Prepare foods using healthy, tasty recipes
  • Create shopping lists featuring healthy ingredients
Featuring information not found anywhere else, this book is an indispensable tool for fully experiencing The Maker's Diet. It offers you daily help in the placed you need it most: the kitchen, the dinner table, and the grocery store.

Mid Life Meltdown

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591855507
Released: 09/17/04
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 224

Life Begins After Forty!

MidLife can be a springboard to a new and exciting era in your life. It is time to answer the wake-up call of this timely book and start experiencing improved health, spiritual fulfillment, and long-lasting relationships that will enrich and lengthen your days.

Physical changes, along with stresses that you face during midlife years, do not have to put your life on hold. Janet Maccaro tells you how to correct and prevent common conditions as she offers practical and insightful information.

MIDLIFE MELTDOWN explains what a body needs through pertinent topics, including:
  • Proper nutrition for aging bodies-a necessity, not a luxury
  • Understanding male and female menopause
  • The ideal protocol for taking supplements to attain vibrant health
  • Steps for enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness
  • Tips for avoiding the top seven causes of degenerative disease
Being a "baby boomer" doesn't have to drag you down. As part of the largest segment of the population in America, you can make this the most enjoyable time of your life.

Finally Fit

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591854166
Released: 08/05/04
List Price: $13.99
Page Count: 269

Your Fitness Success BEGINS HERE!

Do you see exercise as an activity that you look forward to, an activity to avoid all together, or something that ends up in a rut? Imagine a fitness program that is either fast, fun, friendly or factual - one that fits you.

Fitness instructor, personal trainer, and life coach Lorraine Bossé-Smith helps you discover your FIT (Fitness Individuality Trait), using her exclusive personality assessment program that will take you on a path to good health. Your journey features a customized, unique exercise program that will revolutionize your life.

This inspiring book will enable you to:
  • Discover your unique personality style
  • Lose weight and firm up
  • Identify why other workout programs may have not worked for you in the past
  • Determine the perfect fitness approach for your temperament
  • Achieve the health you have always dreamed of-and become finally fit

Finally FIT! is not a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. This book features an exercise protocol, health and nutrition tips, and exciting ways to advance a well-balanced lifestyle, all tailored to your personality style. It will help you achieve optimal health. You will find fitness success and good health through Finally FIT!

 "A thoroughly balanced and easy-to-follow plan that you can really use to begin your own fitness adventure, starting today." Robert Wolgemuth Best-selling Author

Fasting Made Easy

Available as: Hardcover, Ebook
ISBN: 9781591854517
Released: 06/17/04
List Price: $10.99
Page Count: 128

Fasting can provide fantastic health benefits to your whole being. While it may seem like a "sacrifice," Dr. Don Colbert, author of the bestsellers Toxic Relief and the bible Cure series, believes fasting is "a powerful tool for health, cleansing, and spiritual empowerment." In this easy-to-understand instruction manual that offers a step-by-step fasting protocol for better health, Colbert explains the needs, benefits, and lifestyle of fasting from both physical and spiritual perspectives. Discover the how, when, why, and other practical matters regarding a healthy approach to fasting.

 Your overall health will improve as you:
  • Give restorative rest to your digestive tract.
  • Cleanse your body of undesirable toxins.
  • Boost your immune system to prevent disease and illness, thus giving you a longer life.
  • Make yourself look better and help your skin become clearer.
  • Melt away toxic fat to help you feel better.
  • Repair and rejuvenate every organ, including your brain.
  • Bring spiritual cleansing and renewal to your relationship with God.
Featuring daily recipes and testimonials from successful fasters, Fasting Made Easy explains how this biblical key to health will bring renewed vitality, healing, longevity, and deeper spirituality to your life.

My Body God's Temple

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591854159
Released: 05/04/04
List Price: $13.99
Page Count: 256

A body built for victory...option or obligation?Do you think that taking care of your body is an option for yourself or an obligation to God? World-renowned health and fitness coach Joseph Christiano shares biblical principles that radically transformed his life from bodybuilding for fame and success to building a temple for God."Do you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own." -1 Corinthians 6:19, NIVFill your temple with God's presence.Learn why your motivation for a healthy body must come from a godly desire to be a faithful steward of God's temple. Using King Solomon's temple as an analogy, Christiano reveals that by honoring God with your body, your "building project" will not be in vain.Christiano's God-inspired plan will help you:
  • Detoxify and cleanse the colon-the starting point for walking in victory.
  • Identify the ideal "food types" to protect your health.
  • Understand the link between your blood type, diet, disease, and weight loss.
  • Discover how dietary supplementation helps fight illness and disease.
  • Start a wide-ranging exercise plan, including gravitational and specialized training, total body workout, and exercising on the road.
  • Learn how negative thoughts can destroy your health.
  • Implement a twelve-month building protocol that covers aspects of your body/mind, diet/nutrition, exercise, and relationship with God.
My Body, God's Temple will improve your health, help you have a fit body, and give you an eternal purpose in dedicating to God a body that is built for His glory.

God's Prescription For Healing

Available as: Hardcover, Ebook
ISBN: 9780884199472
Released: 03/18/04
List Price: $19.99
Page Count: 256

GOD INVITES YOU TO SEEK HEALING...ACCORDING TO HIS PLAN! The prescription for all your healing has already been designed within you by your Creator-contained within a single microscopic cell. By faith you'll come to know His purpose for your life, your suffering, and your healing. The integration processes for healing within the body are your practical proof of the Creator's existence. His love and continuing concern for you are revealed in his amazing design for your healing. UNCOVER FIVE DISTINCTIVE AREAS OF HEALING THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER: Intracellular mysteries of God's healing design (DNA) Scientific use of God's healing design (medicine) Spiritual wholeness by alignment with the Creator (lifestyle) Improbable healing - by God (prayer) United with God: ultimate healing (eternal life) GOD IS ALREADY AT WORK TO BRING ABOUT THE HEALING YOU NEED! Recognize God's thumbprint on your life, and seek Him to strengthen and refine any weak areas. Don't let spiritual blindness prevent you from walking in His perfect plan for your health.

The Maker's Diet

Available as: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780884199489
Released: 03/12/04
List Price: $19.99
Page Count: 224

Are you looking for a health plan that is biblically based and scientifically proven? The Maker's Diet is just that. Using a truly holistic approach to health, this groundbreaking book leads you on a journey that will change your life. 

The Maker's Diet will help you:
  • Boost your immune system
  • Attain and maintain your ideal weight
  • Have abundant energy
  • Improve your physical appearance
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve digestion
Discover how Jordan Rubin's faith-based journey from near death to vital health led him to uncover the timeless principles of the world's healthiest people. By following The Maker's Diet, your health dreams can become a reality.

The Bible Cure Recipes for Overcoming Candida

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9780884199403
Released: 02/27/04
List Price: $6.99
Page Count: 96

 Delicious, healing menu selections you'll love!  This easy-to-read book by Dr. Don Colbert is power-packed with irresistible recipes, nutritional facts and cooking tips to help heal and restore your body's delicate balance. An overgrowth of yeast can cause fatigue, memory loss, irritability, headaches, anxiety, depression and more. Here's good news: renewal and restoration are available for you.

You'll discover:
  • Self-tests to help you determine if you have candidiasis
  • Immune system boosters to energize your body
  • Breakfasts that you'll love waking up to
  • Healing dinners that satisfy
  • Choices, selections, special treats-all designed to please your palate
You want to be healthy. God wants you to be healthy. At last, here's a source of information that will help you live in health-body, mind and spirit.

The Bible Cure for Colds and Flu

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9780884199380
Released: 02/27/04
List Price: $6.99
Page Count: 96


Stop your suffering from these miseries! An estimated one billion Americans suffer with colds, flu and sinus infections each year, but now you can stop being one of them. In this pragmatic, insightful book, Dr. Don Colbert shows you how to live virtually free from the distressing symptoms of these miseries. By employing the spiritual insight, powerful faith, godly wisdom and sound medical advice in this book, you don't have to suffer from colds, flu and sinus infections any longer.

You will discover how to:
  • Attain proper hygiene to prevent infections
  • Build up your immune system
  • Change your diet and decrease consumption of sugar
  • Supercharge your immune system with the right supplements
  • Exercise regularly and make sleep a priority
  • Lower stress
You want to be healthy. God wants you to be healthy. Finally, here's a source of information that will help you live in health-body, mind and spirit.

The Bible Cure for Asthma

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9781591852827
Released: 02/26/04
List Price: $6.99
Page Count: 96

Asthma:  Simple, practical solutions to help you breath easier!

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with asthma, you need to experience the life and the breath of God! In this easy-to-read book, Dr. Don Colbert offers a natural, biblical plan for totally conquering asthma, which afflicts about 20.3 million people nationwide. You don't have to suffer from asthma attacks any longer!

This practical book will help you understand:
  • The heart connection-why asthma sufferers feel chronic grief and loneliness
  • How to combat irritants that aggravate asthma attacks
  • How to breathe easier to reduce asthma
  • How a balanced diet and taking supplements can help
You want to be healthy. God wants you to be healthy. At last, here's a source of information that will help you live in health-body, mind and spirit.

The Bible Cure for Cholesterol

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9781591852414
Released: 02/26/04
List Price: $6.99
Page Count: 96

High Cholesterol Lower your cholesterol, and feel better naturally.

Don't let a diagnosis of high cholesterol scare you. This easy-to-understand book uncovers a dynamically unique strategy for gaining control and living in vibrant, divine health-naturally. Reclaim God's very best for you, and get ready to win!

 You will:
  • Identify cholesterol-busting foods that can dramatically reduce your cholesterol levels
  • Learn how powerful supplements can restore your health
  • Discover what foods sabotage your cholesterol health
You want to be healthy. God wants you to be healthy. At least, here's a source of information that will help you live in health-body, mind and spirit.

The Bible Cure for Autoimmune Diseases

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9780884199397
Released: 02/26/04
List Price: $6.99
Page Count: 96

You can have a normal, healthy immune system! Having an autoimmune disease, a condition in which the immune system becomes confused and turns the body's attack against itself, is not a life sentence. In this practical, informative book, Dr. Don Colbert offers a natural, scriptural plan for your complete recovery from autoimmune diseases, which afflict about 40 million Americans. Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis do not have to rob you of the vital health God intended for you to enjoy.

You will learn how to:
  • Restore gastrointestinal health
  • Reduce stress
  • Break the link between autoimmune diseases and hormonal imbalances
  • Combat toxic overload
  • Strengthen your immune system
You want to be healthy. God wants you to be healthy. Finally, here's a source of information that will help you live in health-body, mind and spirit.

What You Don't Know May Be Killing You

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9781591852179
Released: 12/15/03
List Price: $9.99
Page Count: 256


You already know that proper diet, exercise, controlling your environment and rest can keep you in good health. But you're still not sure you're doing enough. You may have seen family or friends devastated by illness-even those who took great care of themselves. Could they have done more to prevent disease? What they did probably helped. But there's more to creating and sustaining good health than you may know. The truth is...


Dr. Don Colbert faced personal health struggles, and when his own profession was unable to give him answers or help, he turned to more natural health-related disciplines. The answers he found surprised him then, and this new, updated information may surprise you today!

Good For You

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591851707
Released: 11/06/03
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 256

You are competent and powerful, and YES, you do have choices!"This book is destined to become 'the' book on menopause. It provides the latest scientific information to empower women to cut through the confusion and make informed choices about nutrition, herbs, supplements and hormone replacement therapy. If you are entering or are already in menopause, this book is absolutely Good for You!"Joel M. Evans, M.D.Founder and Director, The Center for Women's Health, Darien, CTAssistant Clinical Professor of OB/GYN, Albert Einstein College of MedicineHealthy living is exciting and self-motivating!You can become a critical thinker when it comes to your health, your hormones and your happiness. By 2015 half of American women will be menopausal. To give you a better image of yourself, Mary Ann Mayo holds up a new mirror and asks questions like:
  • Was HRT ever really necessary??
  • What have you been telling yourself about exercise??
  • What is your baseline??
  • How do your finances and insurance affect your view of health??
  • If you could make one small step toward a healthier life, what would it be?
No one wants to age, but it happens anyway. Be prepared...naturally!

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