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Comfort is so Important to the Church Ex…

LAKE MARY, FL— The altars in our churches have become the steps by which man...

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Discover Your Inner Artist With The Help…

LAKE MARY, FL—After sharing her artwork and journaling tips via YouTube videos, social media, and...

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The World is in The Middle of an Identit…

LAKE MARY, FL—The drastic shifts in gender and sexual identity, marriage identity, and even national...

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From Loss and Abuse to Music Success, Ch…

LAKE MARY, FL—A few minutes before going onstage, singer and songwriter Christine D’Clario had a...

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When Indoor Air Pollution Endangers Live…

LAKE MARY, FL—Take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What exactly am I inhaling?” It...

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Top Sellers

1 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
2 The Mystery of the Shemitah
– Jonathan Cahn
3 The Harbinger
– Jonathan Cahn
4 23 Minutes in Hell
– Bill Wiese
5 Prayers that Rout Demons and Break Curses
– Apostle John Eckhardt

New Releases

09/06/2016 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
07/18/2017 Love Leads
– Dr. Steve Greene
08/01/2017 Rebuilding the Altar
– Pat and Karen Schatzline
08/01/2017 The Art of Words
– Valerie Wieners
08/01/2017 Everybody Wants to Win: But Nobody Wants to Wait
– Marcus Gill
08/01/2017 The Presence of God
– R.T. Kendall
07/04/2017 The Prophet’s Manual
– John Eckhardt
07/04/2017 No Regrets
– Robin Bertram
06/06/2017 Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
– Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley
06/06/2017 40 Days Through the Prayers of Jesus
– Tim Cameron

Modern English Version

Verse of the Day

LAKE MARY, FL—After facing the potential of having a terminal diagnosis, Robin Bertram wrote No Regrets

(June 6, 2017), sharing the powerful life lessons learned through her journey. She shows readers how to live a

godly life and build a meaningful legacy for those they love, expressing the importance of forgiving others,

mending broken relationships, and embracing life with joy and gratitude.

With a new perspective Bertram writes on how to prioritize our relationships with God and our loved ones.

Written through the lens of personal experience, No Regrets reveals how to cultivate an awareness of

everyday blessings, allow God to refine your character, and ensure that you will leave this earth with no

regrets. Each chapter includes interactive tips, scriptural support, and principles to live by.

“We all can get so caught up in what we did or didn’t do that we forget to embrace and enjoy today,” Bertram

says. “Not only that, but our regretful thinking can steal our tomorrows as well. Today is the best day you

have.... No matter what stage of life you are in, how young or old you are, what you have or have not

accomplished thus far, you can begin today to live your life intentionally for Christ, and doing so will minimize

regrets and maximize personal fulfillment.”

Phil Cooke, Filmmaker, Media Consultant, and author of One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do

says, “I have many regrets in my life, but if I had read Robin Bertram’s new book No Regrets as a young man,

things might be different. This is a manual for living your life to the fullest. It’s about not looking back and

wondering what might have been. If you’ve ever believed there was more to life, then you need this book. It

will give you a new vision for your future, a vision that could change everything.”

No Regrets is written for those who aspire to live a rich, meaningful life, leave a spiritual legacy, and serve as a

strong influence for Christ in their day-to-day living.

Bertram is an ordained minister, a Christian speaker, and the executive producer and host of the nationally

and internationally syndicated television show Freedom Today. She is also the Vice President of Media

Relations for Christian Women in Media. She hosts Freedom Today women’s conferences in cities across the

United States and is the keynote speaker for Bella Women’s Network God Crazy Freedom conferences, Thrive

WC2016, Christian Women in Media conferences, the upcoming Woman2Woman conferences, and the

Girlville Cruises.

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