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When Indoor Air Pollution Endangers Live…

LAKE MARY, FL—Take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What exactly am I inhaling?” It...

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Verse of the Day

LAKE MARY, FL—Take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What exactly am I inhaling?” It could be the air fresheners that coat your nasal passages with an oil film called methoxychlor or the waft of furniture polish that contains a chemical called nitrobenzene. Or you could be breathing in the fumes of a bleach-based cleaning powder with a carcinogen known to increase chances of getting cancer, asthma, and reproductive disorders.

In her book Everyday Natural (Sept. 5, 2017) Jacqueline Ritz, founder of The Paleo Mama blog and an expert of the “cave man” diet, acknowledges that just as what we eat is important so is what we breathe.

She offers five simple steps to detoxing the home and ensuring a safer, cleaner environment. The book includes natural, environmentally safe substitutes for commercial, chemical-laden cleaning products. Ritz shares recipes for homemade laundry detergent, house cleaners, and essential oil diffusers that help purify the air and boost the immune system.

Ritz says, “It will soon be time to pull out the cleaning supplies and freshen up the house with some good old spring cleaning! And therein lie some of the most toxic and dangerous chemicals we will encounter. Not only are these chemicals taking a toll on our bodies, buy they are also taking a toll on our home environments as well.”

Everyday Natural breaks down the journey to the self-sustainable lifestyle into easy DIY steps. Ritz also offers insight for dealing with weight issues, maintaining a healthier diet, and reaping radiant skin using homemade body care wonders. For those who feel sluggish and want to lead healthier lives or also those intimidated by the modern homesteading movement, Everyday Natural reveals how easy it is to live a natural, healthy life of abundance.

Ritz says, “So many of us lead busy lives, and the habits we have used to care for our homes are sometimes not the healthiest or safest. It is my recommendation that you begin your journey to a more natural home environment by simply changing a few home-care habits.”

She also encourages readers to occasionally air out the house, opening the windows and doors for about five minute—even in winter.

“Your walls and furnishings will retain the heat, so your home will be toasty warm again soon, and the air quality will be greatly improved,” Ritz says.

Ritz is founder of The Paleo Mama blog, an essential oil educator, a DIY guru, and a student of herbal medicine. Not too long ago she talked her husband into giving up their big-city life to buy some goats and chickens. The rest is history! She has had a strong desire to raise her kids in an environment where they could learn to love and appreciate this beautiful world and where they could get back to the simplicity of living a more natural life.

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